a jump rope is perhaps the lowest priced piece of conditioning equipment out there besides a sidewalk. As you open up your conditioning and discover agility, a good jump rope with a bearing handle is a must.


Co-developed with Rogue athlete and 4-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning Jr., this new take on our SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope is built to handle the double-under demands of the Fittest Man on Earth.

The adjustable Froning SR-1F Speed Rope includes tapered, 6.5” rotating handles with a TPE overmold for a reliable, no-slip grip. The rope’s high-precision bearing system allows for top-end revolutions, and the coated 3/32” polyurethane cable is highly durable but also more flexible than nylon—it won’t show much coil after being rolled up in a gym bag. Rich’s design also features a unique new color palette with black handles, gray coating on both the grips and cable, and the Froning R* logo in white on each handle endcap.

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  • 11′ cables are available for taller athletes here.
  • Bearings: (4) Hi-Precision Cartridge Ball Bearings per rope
  • Rogue Tapered Long Handle: 6.5” length, 1/2″ diameter spindle to 7/8″ diameter base, Froning R* logo on endcap
  • Handgrips: Gray TPE Overmold ft. Rogue logo
  • Cable: 120″ long, Gray Coated 3/32″ Polyurethane speed cable
  • Adjustable end with a fixed swaged end
  • Recommend use on rubber or nonabrasive surface
  • Recommend the 2.3mm SR Replacement Cables – Polyurethane
  • Recommend the 2.3mm Adjustable Screws


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