Old school fitness enthusiasts absolutely adore stall bars. They are used for strength training, mobility and stretching.


Newly redesigned as a bolt-together unit, Rogue Stall Bars adapt the classic Swedish Ladder gymnastics apparatus into a heavy-duty 21st century training tool—with almost limitless applications for any type of athlete. The unit is available with your choice of wood or metal rungs, and comes in two different kits: Wall-Mount and Rig/Rack Mount.

  • Wall Mount System – Includes all of the rungs needed along with (2) 90″ Monster Lite Uprights and (4) Wall Mounting Brackets. This set-up is recommended only for secure concrete walls or wood studs, and may require additional support or a stringer. Stall Bars should NOT be used on drywall or metal studs in any situation. Mounting hardware is NOT included.
  • Rig/Rack Crossmember Mount – Includes all of the necessary crossmembers and hardware to connect to any existing Monster Liteor Infinity Rack/Rig (you can either add a section to the back of a rack or to a single 43″ wide section of a rig). For greater stability and safety, the Stall Bars should only be mounted to a rig or rack that is securely fastened to the floor.

Each Stall Bar unit stands 90” tall, and the rungs themselves are 43″ wide and spaced 6” on center. The metal bars have a diameter of 1.25″ while the wood version diameter is 1.5″.

Dating back to the 19th century, stall bars have served as a simple, customizable tool for targeted stretching and bodyweight training—helping athletes develop better balance, flexibility, and core strength. Once associated more with gymnastic training, the ladder’s benefits have recently been embraced by trainers working with everyone from martial artists to power lifters. Pound for pound, it’s hard to find a more versatile piece of equipment.


  • Made in the USA
  • Height: 90”
  • 15 Rungs: Wood (Oak) or Metal, 43” wide
  • Rung Diameter: 1.25” (Metal), 1.5” (Wood)
  • Hardware included for Rig/Rack Mount option only
  • Rig/Rack Mount compatible ONLY with Rogue Monster Lite and Infinity Series
  • New Bolt-Together design saves on shipping costs


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