How To Overcome Knee Pain and Get Back to Your Active Life Without Medications, Injections, or Surgery

The Keys To Overcoming Knee Pain for Active People in Their 40's, 50's, and 60's

Dear Greenville Resident,

Have you been told that knee pain is a result of your past, your age, or your genetics? Are you worried that knee pain may cause you to miss activities like tennis and golf, hiking, biking, lifting weights, or family adventures? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions and you're an active person who is suffering from knee pain, this webinar could save you time, stress, and, most importantly, your active lifestyle. 

Knee pain affects active adults every day. However, most don't have debilitating knee pain. Instead, they suffer from a low-grade but persistent pain in their knee(s) — along with the added worry that the pain will get worse and cause them to miss out on life.

And they’re probably right. Over time, minor problems can lead to more significant problems. Unfortunately, these otherwise healthy and strong adults are often told to slow down and advised to mask their pain with medications. 

If you've experienced knee pain like this, you have a growing problem that won't go away on its own. However, there is good news. Every day, active people, ages 40- 60 are finding lasting knee pain relief through better movement and increased strength through specialized physical therapy programs.

My name is Dr. Tim Varghese, a knee pain expert, and a physical therapist.  I put together a free online webinar that pulls back the curtain and shows you exactly how to overcome knee problems and get back to an active life without needing medications or surgery. 

 Here's What You'll Discover:

  •  How to develop mobility that LASTS
  • The best exercises for sustainable results
  • The proven method for developing strength

This free 60-minute presentation will show you how to achieve sustainable knee pain relief. For all participants to receive my full attention, the workshop will be limited to 20 people for each time slot.

I want you to feel confident strolling through Falls Park, hiking up Paris Mountain, cycling the Swamp Rabbit Trail, and exploring downtown Greenville— all without the worry that your knee pain will get worse. If you've tried massage, chiropractic, or traditional physical therapy with limited results, this webinar is for you.

Don't let your condition worsen when there's a solution. Register today.


Tim Varghese, PT, DPT

About Your Presenter

Tim Varghese, PT, DPT received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the Medical College of Georgia. He has been helping active people recover from pain and injury without unneccessary medications and procedures for over 11 years.

Tim Varghese, DPT

Founder/Physical Therapist