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How To Overcome Back Pain and Get Back to Your Active Life without Medications, Injections, or Surgery

The Keys to Overcoming Back Pain for People in Their 40's, 50's, and 60's

In this special webinar on back health, I share with you the three keys to overcoming back pain and getting back to your hobbies and activities without taking medications or undergoing invasive procedures.

Tim Varghese, PT, DPT

Founder/Physical Therapist

A Personal Message from Back Pain Specialist and Physical Therapist, Tim Varghese...

Dear Reader,

  • Are you worried about back pain that isn’t going away on its own, no matter how much "rest" you've been told to do?
  • Are you tired of doing "stretches" , or other exercises for your back that just don’t seem to work?
  • Are you frustrated that physical therapy, chiropractic, or massage hasn’t worked, and your pain seems to be getting worse?
  • Does it concern you that you’re gaining weight or losing fitness?
  • Are you unable to exercise because of pain during or after workouts?
  • Are you tired of modifying or avoiding exercises in the gym?
  • Are you having trouble keeping up with friends and family, and missing out on your favorite activities because of pain?

If you’ve got lower back pain, stiffness or an ache – it’s very tempting to think that it’s nothing, that it will go away on its own. Or, you pass it off as having just “slept awkwardly”, or that it’s just a “spasm” or a bit of stiffness that “everyone” your age suffers from…

There’s no obvious reason why it happened – but it doesn’t seem to be going away!

If that’s happening to you, you’re not alone – and we hear this type of thing all the time. In fact, Lower Back Pain and Sciatica is one of the most common problems that we see at Movement Solutions.

And when it comes to living with back pain, everybody we see wants to know:


Most people think that when they get back pain, it’s just going to go away on it’s own.

That they’ll wake up one morning and like “magic”, it’ll be as if back pain never happened… But then 6 months later you’re still living with back pain – often even worse than it was when it came on.

Does This Sound Like You?

Another scenario we see all the time in our clinic is when people go to the doctors, and the doctor tells them to rest and “try these painkillers” and “see how it goes”.

But this is rarely ever the best advice and often 6 weeks later, they end up going back to the doctor again because it hasn’t got any better. Worse, they’re often given yet another prescription of even stronger pills, and advised MORE rest. This is madness and explains why so many people aged 40-60’s are suffering with chronic lower back pain.

Has This Type of Thing Ever Happened To You?

Why else does back pain last longer than it should do? Well, it’s easy to get confused because you’ve been told different things, by different people. There’s lots of people out there who are happy to dispense advice – but not all of it is credible.

Maybe you think your back pain was caused by doing something – like lifting or sleeping awkwardly – but really it was caused by years and years of poor posture that caused the muscles in your lower back to become weak and the lifting of the awkward sleeping position was just the EFFECT of that.

If you don’t know what you’re doing – back pain can be very confusing and because of this, many people just end up accepting it as “part of life” – as if it’s normal, and “just the way it is.”

We’ve put together a free webinar showing you the 3 Keys to Overcoming Back Pain. Here’s just a sample of what we’ll answer for you/cover on this incredible webinar:

  • Risk factors for developing low back pain
  • It’s never one size fits all
  • Why muscles get stiff
  • Exercises that develop strength
  • Whether or not you need an MRI?
  • Causes of back pain when standing
  • Causes of back pain with lifting
  • Causes back pain with prolonged sitting
  • Movement compensations
  • The best technique for lifting.

… and much, MUCH More!

Just enter your first name, your email address, and click the “SAVE MY SPOT” button below and choose the one of times that we have available this week.

You’ll learn valuable information that shows you why you really can ease back pain without medications, injections, and/or surgeries.

We work with people ages 40-60s just like you to find relief from sudden and chronic back pain. What I can tell you is that injections and pain medications are not likely to help.

Why? Because they only mask the root cause of your back pain.

I know so many people who have just accepted that back pain is now a normal part of their lives. This does NOT have to be you! Our free back pain webinar will explain why you should have hope that you can live free from back pain.

During the webinar, you’ll find our best recommendations on relieving your back pain.

This webinar is perfect for you IF:

  • You are looking to get back to enjoying your family, friends, and weekend activities without your back pain.
  • Back pain is keeping you from outdoor activities, tennis or golf, strolling through downtown Greenville, or hiking up Paris Mountain.
  • You're having pain and discomfort running the little ones between practices or cooking dinner.
  • Your pain is affecting your ability to exercise and train in the gym.
  • You want to be more active but are limited by your back pain.

This webinar is NOT for you if:

  • You don't care about fixing the root cause.
  • You don't care to be active.
  • You prefer to manage pain with medications and injections.
  • You're convinced that surgery is the solution.
  • You're looking for a "quick-fix."

What would your life look like in a few months if you were free from back pain?

So, go ahead… enter your first name, your email address and click the “SAVE MY SPOT” button.  Check your e-mail for details on attending the event.

There’s no catch… we’re doing this because we want people to live pain-free lives without the use of medications and injections.  All you have to do is sign-up and we’ll reserve your spot.

In Health,

Tim Varghese, PT, DPT
Back Pain Specialist
Founder/Physical Therapist
Movement Solutions

How To Overcome Back Pain and Get Back to Your Active Life without Medications, Injections, or Surgery

The Keys to Overcoming Back Pain for People in Their 40's, 50's, and 60's

In this special webinar on back health, I share with you the three keys to overcoming back pain and getting back to your hobbies and activities without taking medications or undergoing invasive procedures.

What Our Clients Think

Out patient satisfaction speaks for itself.

After years of struggling with chronic back, shoulder and knee pain, I finally decided I needed to do something about it. I met Tim during a seminar he put on at Swamp Rabbit Crossfit, and was impressed with his knowledge and expertise. After four sessions with him, my back pain is nearly gone, and my overall physical performance is better than it has been in years. My job is very physically demanding, so protecting my spine and being conscious of my movements is a very important aspect of my day to day life. I wouldn't trust anyone but Tim to guide me in the proper movement technique and practices to ensure my physical longevity. Most importantly, my greatest desire is to be pain free after a long day of work so that I can interact with my very active three year old son. Not only has Tim significantly helped me in the achievement of this goal, but he is also very empathetic of balancing parenthood and work, something I appreciate and respect. Tim, thank you for taking the risk of going into business for yourself so that you can focus on quality of patient care; myself and all of your patients are grateful for your dedication to truly helping others.
Adam K.
Adam K.
I was having some lower back pain that just wouldn't go away. After seeing Tim for just a few weeks I am feeling little to no pain, and we are working on how to prevent these issues from coming back. He is very interested in you as a person, your goals, and what you expect to get from the therapy. Highly recommend.
Justin C.
Justin C.
I appreciate the way Tim took his time to ask me questions about my back pain. He was thoughtful assessing my back pain in a way that I felt he was listening to me and my pain! From there we worked on movements that I was able to put in my tool box and use on a daily basis. Thank you Tim!!
Catherine C.
Catherine C.

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Tim Varghese, PT, DPT

Founder/Physical Therapist

Tim Varghese, PT, DPT received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the Medical College of Georgia. He is also a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist through the ABPTS and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Dr. Varghese is founder of Movement Solutions in Greenville, SC. He has been helping active people ages 40-60s recover from back pain and stiffness and get back to their favorite activities for over 9 years.

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