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Our patient satisfaction speaks for itself.

Bob W.Tim is an incredibly knowledgeable and effective therapist. His private therapy sessions improved my knee function and mobility immensely. Tim shows competence in evaluating the entire body to determine the causes for pain and discomfort. His evaluations weren't limited only to looking at how I used my knees and legs, but to how my core strength and movements affected my knees. After completing therapy, my pain has been reduced significantly, if not eliminated. At the conclusion of therapy, Tim provided advice and exercises to encourage me to continue strengthening my body to prevent a relapse of knee pain.
Bob W.
Taylors, SC
Jim R.I had an excellent experience working with Tim to address problems with my knee. He was extremely knowledgeable, attentive, encouraging and focused on my recovery, which was a total success. Working with Tim was not necessarily the cheapest solution for me but it was totally worth it. Highly recommend.
Jim R.
Greenville, SC
Adam K.After years of struggling with chronic back, shoulder and knee pain, I finally decided I needed to do something about it. I met Tim during a seminar he put on at Swamp Rabbit Crossfit, and was impressed with his knowledge and expertise. After four sessions with him, my back pain is nearly gone, and my overall physical performance is better than it has been in years. My job is very physically demanding, so protecting my spine and being conscious of my movements is a very important aspect of my day to day life. I wouldn't trust anyone but Tim to guide me in the proper movement technique and practices to ensure my physical longevity. Most importantly, my greatest desire is to be pain free after a long day of work so that I can interact with my very active three year old son. Not only has Tim significantly helped me in the achievement of this goal, but he is also very empathetic of balancing parenthood and work, something I appreciate and respect. Tim, thank you for taking the risk of going into business for yourself so that you can focus on quality of patient care; myself and all of your patients are grateful for your dedication to truly helping others.
Adam K.
Greenville, SC
Justin C.I was having some lower back pain that just wouldn't go away. After seeing Tim for just a few weeks I am feeling little to no pain, and we are working on how to prevent these issues from coming back. He is very interested in you as a person, your goals, and what you expect to get from the therapy. Highly recommend.
Justin C.
Greenville, SC
Kevin E.I've worked with numerous medical professionals throughout my athletic career and I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Tim Varghese. After initially consulting with Tim for shoulder tendinitis, I have felt stronger and more resilient throughout my whole body since starting his strength and mobility rehabilitation program. His approach goes beyond solving just acute problems and seeks to achieve well-being from head to toe.
Kevin E.
Mauldin, SC
Bruce D.Went in with very inflamed and painful meniscus in left knee (triggered by a 40-mile charity cycling event)Every step caused sharp pain. Dr. Tim did a complete evaluation, then we began the next day to address the issues. He knew just what to do to move toward getting my knee back to painless functionality. Each visit produced new healing, and I can say that I am now 95% healed after 7 visits. We are also working now on some right hip pain, which is also coming along nicely. I highly recommend Dr. Tim for his expertise in understanding and dealing with middle age sports related/fatigue injuries. I am now planning a ski trip this spring with my grandchildren, which I thought I would have to pass on.
Bruce D.
Greenville, SC
Angela S.Tim worked with me for weeks when I had pain in my knee. He was kind and patient, and thoughtfully prepared a program that strengthened muscles, reduced pain, and made me more attentive to what I was doing in my daily life that was aggravating my knee. He listened carefully to what my goals were (like being able to get down on the floor with my grandchildren), answered every question I had, and always explained what he was doing and how it fit into the plan to help my knee and ultimately my overall health. He provided me with the tools and education I needed to continue strengthening my body so that I could stay active with my grandkids. I would absolutely return to Tim for PT!
Angela S.
Greer, SC
Megan B.I was totally blown away by Dr. Varghese's assessment of my ankle tightness. In an hour he was able to pinpoint issues that have plagued me for years... I am excited to see how I progress under his care. The movements he prescribed to me are very easy to understand and I love that he sent them via email so I can use them on my phone in the gym. I've already recommended Movement Solutions to training clients.
Megan B.
Greenville, SC
Jill L.Tim's personalized approach is exactly what I was looking for! I am an "older" but very active person and involved competitively in a specialized sport. I sustained a knee injury just as my competition season was getting rolling. Instead of the patronizing attitude that I received from the orthopedic doctor, Tim took the time to assess my condition and my goals. I feel like I have found a resource where I can not only recover but actually improve my athletic ability, as well as implement a truly preventative health strategy as I age. If you don't find the idea of surgery and cortisone injections appealing and are willing to work for it I think there are many conditions that can successfully go beyond just "maintaining". I highly recommend Movement Solutions.
Jill L.
Simpsonville, SC
Cricket H.Tim was recommended to me by one of my CrossFit coaches. I was struggling with severe pain and limited mobility in my shoulder. He quickly diagnosed this pain, then also examined my other joints to identify any problems that may have been contributing to the shoulder issues. I appreciated the fact that we worked on several areas of weakness while my tendonitis healed. The sessions with Tim were always challenging, yet productive. I am happy to be back to my normal activities without feeling pain. I would highly recommend Tim!
Cricket H.
Greenville, SC
Catherine C.I appreciate the way Tim took his time to ask me questions about my back pain. He was thoughtful assessing my back pain in a way that I felt he was listening to me and my pain! From there we worked on movements that I was able to put in my tool box and use on a daily basis. Thank you Tim!!
Catherine C.
Greenville, SC
Jeff M.Tim has been the best. I am really happy with the results we have gotten. No surgery, just physical therapy and his ability to identify the problem and develop the right exercise regimen. I would highly recommend his services.
Jeff M.
Duncan, SC
Kyle J.I sought Tim’s expertise after several cumulative issues surfaced in 2019 while training for a Spartan Beast half-marathon. Tim quickly identified the root causes of my pain during an assessment and we got to work the following week. Tim is incredibly knowledgeable and his treatment plan has been effective. Tim is kind, professional, and genuinely wants to improve the lives of his patients through effective, goal-oriented treatment, education, and at-home exercise regimens. The results speak for themselves. I recently passed the halfway point of my treatment plan and my pain has significantly reduced—soon to be eliminated—and I have improved flexibility, balance, and strength. I highly recommend Movement Solutions and will certainly return if the need arises.
Kyle J.
Duncan, SC
Holly R.I am trying to get back in shape and have several barriers. Tim has been working with me with strength in my core and movements so that I don't injure my lower back. He has helped my headaches with dry needling and I am really seeing results in my strength, movement and pain. If you are rehabbing or just not strong enough to work out, this is a great way to get back in shape and working out again.
Holly R.
Greenville, SC
Caleb D.I've had two knee surgeries for a torn meniscus and recently re-tore it again. Tim has effectively and efficiently helped me gain back strength and mobility to avoid having another surgery. I'm able to play ball and exercise how I want to thanks to Tim's help. I've received way more attention and help than I did at the typical physical therapists, and I've seen my visits with Tim to be a great investment!
Caleb D.
Greenville, SC
Deborah B.I came to Dr Tim a year and half after I suffered a torn meniscus. I had made some progress, after a year of different therapies, but was still not able to run or achieve a full depth squat without pain in my knee. Dr Tim identified the areas of weakness and then addressed them. After only two sessions my knee pain was gone! He helped me to strengthen muscles and gain flexibility in my hips and ankles. I recently competed in a team Crossfit competition and had no difficulty with any of the movements. My partner and I took first place! After 6 weeks I ran sprints for the first time in almost two years without any pain! I am so thankful for his skill in identifying the root of the problem and his knowledge to correct it. My only regrets is not coming to him sooner!
Deborah B.
Simpsonville, SC
Mary Anne I.I have gone from a very limited range of motion and strength in my arm due to tendonitis to complete recovery thanks to Tim. He is very knowledgable about how our bodies work and heal which translates into being a wonderful teacher of how we can best take care of our bodies and therefore feel our best. I highly recommend Tim for any physical therapy needs you may have.
Mary Anne I.
Travelers Rest, SC
Della S.I went to see Tim about a shoulder issue. The work I have done with him has helped tremendously in getting strength and range of motion back. Tim is very knowledgeable and he has used a number of treatment modalities to fix the problem(s). I can't recommend Tim highly enough. There is no reason to be in pain and have limited activities. Go see Tim. You will be glad you did.
Della S.
Greenville, SC
Alice S.At age 80+ I was troubled by sciatic pain, brought on by degenerative disc disease, which kept me from my life’s work of handweaving and from my daily walks. In an effort to avoid surgical intervention and use of pain medications, I started working with Tim at Movement Solutions. After several weeks of visits, my pain subsided to a manageable level, and in the process, Tim helped me increase core strength and general fitness. I am now able to pursue my weaving and daily walks with no difficulty, and I’m maintaining my fitness level with daily exercise routines. My working with Tim was a great investment in overall health and quality of life. I strongly recommend Movement Solutions.
Alice S.
Greenville, SC
Paula D.If I could give Movement Solutions 10 stars, I would! I’m a 60-year-old grandmother who has been active my entire life, so two years ago when I started having lower back pain, it was devastating. The pain affected ALL areas of my life. After trying to self-treat with exercise, unsuccessfully, I decided to seek the care of an orthopedist and was diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis. He began treatment with injections, that did not work, and also prescribed opioids. The opioids worked, but I didn’t want to go down that road. I wanted to “fix” what was causing the back pain, not mask it with drugs. I knew there had to be an underlying cause of the back pain. After I was told that surgery was probably my next option, I decided to research physical therapists here in town and found Dr. Varghese. I was immediately impressed by the reviews and decided to sign up for the initial consultation. What an impressive Doctor! I became his patient, and after only a few weeks of treatment, my pain level has significantly improved, and I am well on my way to becoming completely pain-free. My strength and mobility have both improved tremendously, and I’m excited to see what continued success I have under his care. Movement Solutions will always be my go-to for physical therapy, and I HIGHLY recommend Movement Solutions for anyone’s physical therapy needs!
Paula D.
Simpsonville, SC
Dustin C.Tim is excellent! After being diagnosed with a partial rotator cuff tear I began physical therapy with Tim to begin rehab of my shoulder in hopes of avoiding surgery. Prior to the therapy, I couldn’t lift my arm above my head and had only a fraction of the strength in the affected arm/shoulder. After two months of working with Tim I regained full range of motion and strength in my shoulder/arm. At the end Tim provided an excellent personalized regime to continue the rehab process that transitioned to further strength conditioning for injury prevention. I highly recommend Tim and Movement Solutions!
Dustin C.
Greenville, SC
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