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5 Questions to Ask Your Physical Therapist Before Beginning a Treatment Plan

If you work with a physical therapist who can’t help you, your injury may get worse.  Depending on the severity of your problem, poor quality of care could lead to dependence on medication, injections, or necessitate surgery.  After all, not all physical therapy programs are the same.  And not all physical therapists have the same degree of training.

Committing to a physical therapy program is an important decision. Below are 5-questions you should ask your physical therapist before beginning a treatment plan.

  1. What’s your experience working with someone like me?

Developing a rehabilitation program for a sedentary person is very different from developing a program for an active adult who is performance oriented.  In order to develop programs for active adults, your physical therapist will need additional training beyond the minimum academic requirements.  They should also have a track record of working with people like you.  At Movement Solutions, we have advanced training in helping active adults, ages 40-60+, overcome pain and injury so they can reclaim an active life.

  • Will my sessions be one-to-one?

Most physical therapy clinics operate on a volume-oriented business model.  This means each physical therapist is usually treating 2-3 patients at the same time.  You may find that the quality of care is lacking in these types of settings. Your physical therapist may have trouble giving you the time and attention needed to solve your pain problem.  This means, you may not learn the small but important details of movement and exercise. This could make the difference between returning to your favorite activities and living with a life with chronic pain.  At Movement Solutions, we reserve 1-hour one-to-one appointments so you can accomplish your goals and reclaim your active life.

  • What’s the difference between you and the “big-box” clinics?

There is rarely a plan of progression in the big box clinics.  You may find yourself doing basic therapy exercises for your entire treatment program.  Unfortunately, stretchy band exercises alone will not take you to the promised land. If you want to get back to activities like weight lifting, sports, and outdoor activities, you will need to work with a physical therapist that knows to help you develop strength. At Movement Solutions, we develop a plan of progression so you’re working through phases.  You will learn how to activate muscles, restore movement, and develop strength through our systematic approach.

  • What happens if I’m not improving?

After your initial consultation, your physical therapist should have a gauge of whether or not they can help you.  If you’re coachable, consistent with your appointments, and adhere to your home exercise program, you see results.  If you’re not improving, your physical therapist should have a network of providers they can refer you to for a medical work-up. At Movement Solutions, our treatment programs come with a 21-day trial period.  If you’re unhappy with your care during that period of time, you will be entitled to a refund of fees you’ve paid towards your treatment plan.  In addition, we partner with medical doctors who specialize in Sports Medicine and Performance.  If the reason you’re not progressing is out of our scope, we will connect you with someone who can help.

  • What are your expectations of me?

In order to give yourself the best chance of success, you will need to prioritize your appointments and adhere to your home exercise program.  This means attending your appointments and making time for your home exercise program. In addition, you will need access to heavier weights as you progress.  You may need to acquire a few heavy kettlebells, dumbbells, or a gym membership.

This will enable you to build strength during the latter stages of your treatment plan.  At Movement Solutions, we provide an app-based program to make keeping up with your home exercise program engaging and fun.  We will give you advice and recommendations for purchasing weight training equipment.  We can also help you find a nearby gym that is convenient for you.

If you’re considering physical therapy, the physical therapists at Movement Solutions would be glad to help you.

We invite you to request a consultation with one of our specialists.  This is an opportunity to ask questions, obtain clarity about your pain, and foster confidence that we can help you.  If you’re certain that we’re a good fit to work together, you can decide on the next step.

If you’re in pain but unsure about what you should do, call us at (864) 558-7346 and ask how we can help.

Physical Therapist Dr. Tim Varghese

Dr. Tim Varghese

Movement Solutions

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