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Ankle Mobility Exercise for Runners

Ankle mobility refers to how much range of motion an ankle has when it moves in different directions. It helps runners avoid injury by allowing them to move their ankles through a full range of motion while running.  The best mobility exercises are active exercises that move your joints through a full range of motion. Below are a series of exercises you can perform to improve your overall ankle mobility. We use these same exercises with our runners in our Greenville Physical Therapy clinic.

Single-Leg Calf Raise off Box

  1. stand on a box, ledge, or step
  2. let one heel hang off the edge
  3. allow your calf to feel a deep stretch
  4. raise up on your toes
  5. descend so finish in the same starting position (deep stretch in your calf).

Heel-Elevated Soleus Raise

  1. stand near a wall or another upright support.
  2. bend your knees enough that your heels begin to lift off the ground
  3. raise up on your toes
  4. descend so you finish in the same starting position (heels barely off the ground)

With the proper exercises, improving your ankle mobility is possible even if you’ve been stiff for years.  However, ignoring pain and/or continuing to run with poor mobility may result in a further decline of your ankle health.  If you’re worried about your ankle mobility, the physical therapists at Movement Solutions would be glad to help you.

We invite you to request a consultation with one of our specialists.  This is an opportunity to ask questions, obtain clarity about your shoulder pain, and foster confidence that we can help you.  If you’re certain that we’re a good fit to work together, you can decide on the next step.

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Dr. Tim Varghese

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